Fitucci Cabinets Goes Green

At Fitucci Cabinets, we are dedicated to environmental stewardship in all we do. We pride ourselves on our forward thinking approach to all aspects of our business and the green movement is no exception. In joining the global effort to protect our earth and its resources, we restructured our everyday operational practices and approach to the design and manufacturing of our products.

You can feel great knowing that you have purchased products that are beautiful, highly functional and environmentally sustainable! All that with absolutely no compromise in quality.


We partner with Columbia Forest Products and are members of the Purebond® user network.
All panels used in manufacturing FITUCCI cabinets are 100% Formaldehyde free.
Our lumber suppliers are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) & SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified.


Our finishing line of products is industrial grade with high solid contents and zero VOC.
This revolutionary line of products includes clear lacquers, pigmented lacquers, varnishes, wipe-on stains and spray-on dyes. A complete line of industrial grade finishing products that is ECO friendly.

  • Partners

    • PureBond®
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